🍤🍷Where to eat in Barcelona 

Having been to Barcelona before I was already excited about the paella. However, there’s much more to this beautiful city then just heavenly paella. 

Hannah (who also has her own blog- fabufitblog.wordpress.com give it a follow) knew of my foodie ways so had planned a few places for us to go, and I’d highly recommend them all. 

To start there’s two great brunch spots. Brunch isent something that I thought the Spanish could do, my bad- they really can. I’d even say better then most places in London. 

Brunch and cake 

As the name suggests, it specialises in brunch. With a pretty extensive menu as you can see. I went for the salmon scrambled eggs on a bagel with a side of avocardo, hummus and veg crisps. Not cheap. But good quality food that fills you up. It’s just on the start of the strip as you walk to the beach. 


Another simular establishment. But the dish I went for was unlike I’ve ever had for brunch. To begin with, I tried giant cuscus for the first time, it was so yummy I’m deterred to recreate this recipe in the week. The dish was called Mexican eggs so I presumed it would come in tomato sauce and have baked eggs. I was very wrong! It was a mixture of cuscus with avocardo, black bean paste, fresh salsa and two fried eggs. For our drinks we had an extremely creamly baileys iced coffee. Beth had caramel French toast…you can’t go wrong! 

There’s enough dinner options to keep me there for weeks. However in our three days we at two places which I’d recommend. 


Funnily enough this was recommended by Hannah’s friends mum and it was delightful. With Hannah being vegetarian she very kindly let me and beth order quite a few fish dishes! We had; ham croquets, mussels in white wine sauce, calamari (the best I’ve had abroad) sashimi tuna with avocado base. This was my favourite dish of the trip! We then ordered some veg options of asparagus tempura, honey glazed aubergine which had been fried, potatoes bravas and tomatoe bread. The last two dishes are extremely classic Spanish dishes. Then to follow – lemon meringue pie. The atmosphere was an added bonus, really beautiful unique decor. 

La mason 

The best meal of them all, we had the tomato bread and calamari to start then wonderful paella. This place has been voted the best place to eat paella in Barcelona. Now it’s hard to go round every place and eat myself into a paella coma (I will eventually) but, it really was fantastic. It was rich with prawn, mini lobster, mussels and squid. The paella itself had a great flavour. On the side of this we had white wine sangria. You can’t go wrong! On a added note for you veggies Hannah had the vegetarian paella and throughly enjoyed it. 

However, one downside, if your going to Barcelona for the customer service and the care we have over our customers in England, don’t go. Etiquette isent quite there yet…! 

All in all, amazing trip with my lovely girls. Good food, good sangria and spot on company. 


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