Picture it, laying on the sofa, undoing your belt and popping open your buttons moaning ‘I’ll never eat again’…this is the usual  scene after you demolish an Indian takeaway. Well, fear no more, you can keep your trousers on after an Indian! There is an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden that won’t make you feel like this. 

Dishoom has a que outside for about an hour and 30 minutes. (Usual for a good restaurant in London). There customer service was fantastic. They kept us informed with the wait while providing some delicious chai tea to keep you warm. 

Once inside we had a variation of cocktails that were out of this world. You wouldn’t think it but they really can make a crackin cocktail. 

Then we had a few nibbles are the bar- calamari, Indian crips and fried okra (my favourite!) 

Once seated we had a variation of dishes, black dhal, rice, narn, grilled prawns, potatoes, chicken ticka and lamb. The prawns and the lamb where the star of the show for me. The lamb fell apart and the prawns where so succulent! 

For Desert we had milk ice cream and baileys chai tea. Very luckily the person I was with worked there so knew what fantastic drinks/foods to order. 

I can not recommend this place enough, cancel your plans this weekend and get yourself down to Dishoom! 


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