🔆Laksa 🔆 – on English soil. 

As you may well know I ate laksa in Singapore and absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I bought packets of ready to cook laksa sauce home with me to try and recreate this dish. 

Firstly, I took I trip to Brixton market where I stumbled across a local Chinese market to buy all of my laksa essentials. 

🔆Rice vermicelli noddles 

🔆fried bean curd 

🔆bean sprouts 


🔆coconut milk

Once I returned home the meal was extremely easy due to the ready made laksa paste I bought from Singapore. I boiled the paste in water, added coconut milk, prawns, fried bean curd and let simmer. In another pan I cooked my noddles and bean sprouts. Drained, then added all together. 

For those of you who have never tasted fried bean curd..my housemates can confirm with you- it’s a very different taste! The dish is very very spicy so have some milk at hand if you do wish to recreate this wonder! 


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