🔆Brighton eats 🔆

Brightons food scene is based around there coffee shops. With cake and coffee being high on the agenda. Here’s some places I highly advise you go! 

1. Burger brothers 

I went for the classic beef. This was fantastic, the black cracked pepper really gave it a kick in the right way. 

2. Coffeetzar 

Peanut butter cookie and Oreo brownie. The peanut butter was extremely over powering so great for Peanut butter lovers. Had I had more time and space in my belly I would of tried some of the cakes as they looked fabulous.

3. Bincho Yakatori 

This meal was great, the only thing that let it down was the service. It took 25 mins just to get a drink! However, the excellent food made up for it entirely. This was a Japanese BBQ made all in front of you, great flavours and fresh.

  • Garden salad with salmon, tuna samshi, seaweed and leafs
  • Chicken hearts 
  • Korean fried chicken wings- my absolute favourite! 
  • Fried rice cake- nice and BBQ flavour. 
  • Bacon wrapped in asparagus.
  • Finishing with three different types of sake. 

4. Fish and chips on Brighton pier. 

Recommended by my partner this was well worth the trip. Great fish. Great chips. Even tried curry sauce for the first time- it’s delicious! 


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