πŸ”†365 Days of food πŸ”†

This isn’t just any old food blog, this is a commitment to myself. I have vowed that I will try a new food or recipe every week for a year. To ensure I keep this promise, I have created this blog in hope to share with you all my love of food and just how powerful a good meal can be.

Take the stars, we have undiscovered planets, stars and even milky ways like our own to discover. I believe this to also be the case around food. If I was to list the amount of cuisine’s or even spices in the world this would no longer be a food blog, but a food dictionary. But you get the gist; theres lots out there.

My love of food, like many fellow foodies came from my mother. I would sit there in the kitchen on our Aga (usually burning my bottom) and watch her multi task with 2 different things on the stove, 3 different things in the oven, while scooping a taste test and having a casual sip of her whisky now and again. My mum was my superhero and I was determined to follow in this path.


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